Cross A Black Cat's Path

by Wrong Answer

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recorded november 1st 2011 with vince ratti in the skylight studio of fairless hills, PA


released January 31, 2012

justin ogden - voice
kevin mccloskey - guitar
gene d'emidio - bass
bob smith - drums



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Wrong Answer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: cross a black cat's path
punishments that i endure
even when i've done nothing wrong
but you're too blind to fucking see
the circle of blood closing in on you

your hands around my neck
your orders in my ear
break me to make me accept
your fucking plan for me

your hands around my neck
your orders in my ear
break me to make me accept
my true destiny

does it make you feel strong
to exert your will on a fucking child
scarred for my entire life
i hope you burn in hell you twisted piece of shit

starving in darkness
watching the vermin get fatter
well now i'm busting out
watch how all the rats scatter
you show me no remorse
i'll show you fucking force
you crossed a black cat's path
now feel the fucking wrath
Track Name: the nightmare continues
call me weak cause i won't battle
tooth and nail for scraps just to be
crushed like ants beneath the feet
of unseen rulers you can't please

every time
i try to fight
i slam my fist
against the force field

i'm just a pawn
in this game
nothing changes
the nightmare continues

more distractions for the fools
who seek to defy all the rules
fuck like flies on dirty sheets
and die like dogs in the fucking streets

it's just enough
to stay alive
enough to keep us
right where they want us

there are rules
to this game
that i can't change
the nightmare continues

in the not so distant future
we'll be crushed against the fence
locked up in our cages
kept under surveillance

you can't change it
Track Name: no end in sight
i was told that i could live in peace
if i could only learn to love the lie
maybe all my dreams will come true
if i can force myself to swallow my pride
well i feel the cuffs around my wrists
and i feel my back against the wall
there's no wrong or right, no black or white
just my fucking life, and i'm born to fall

no place for me in a room of friends
i'm running scared into
the long dark night i've made out of my life
no end in sight

so i throw myself into the arms
of all these tired and frigid whores
if i'm being honest with you
i would kiss the lips of a rotting corpse
if it meant that i could just forget
everything in my life that i've destroyed
but it's too fucking late, i feel the hand of fate
gripping me and i just can't escape

no place for me inside your arms
i'm running scared into
the long dark night i've made out of my life
no end in sight

no place for me around here anymore
i'm running scared into
the long dark night i've made out of my life
no end in sight

haunted by demons no matter what path i choose
stuck in the past i guess it's no fucking use
can't you fucking see you're torturing someone who has so little to lose
i hope someday you'll pay with your blood for all your fucking abuse
fuck youuuuu
Track Name: the antoinette
is there comfort
is there safety
is there shelter by your side
or is your love just a smokescreen
too thin for me to hide behind?

in your eyes i see myself
you just reflect all my failures
in your hands i see the rope
as you beckon slowly to me

is there triumph
is there purpose
is there a future left here for me
all alone i ask the darkness
as it stares right back into me

in your eyes i see myself
someone i can't fucking live with
in my hands i feel the rope
before it tie it oh so tightly

so i caress the rope that's wrapped around my neck
as my body hangs over the fucking abyss
cause if that rope should snap, i know what happens next
i'm gonna fall forever...